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Frequently Asked Questions

A direct talent acquisition platform that’s easier to use, faster to find what you want, matches more accurately thanks to filters and an AI algorithm and is also cheaper than traditional alternatives. Projee allows an organisation to easily define a project based on purpose, goals, skills needed, and existing skills available, and people can easily define their skills offered and causes that they wish to support – and whether the contribution will be paid or voluntary. Projee offers free access for both organisations and professionals. What are you waiting for? Sign up here..( add link of landing page/signup)
Well, it’s really rather quite simple. Projee provides an extensive set of roles, skills and capability levels building on the SFIA framework (Skills Framework in the Information Age) for technology roles, and adds definitions for common non-technical roles in the charity sector. Existing team people skills can be matched against the project, allowing Projee to perform a gap analysis to identify the missing skills to find. Projee analyses skills, capabilities, values and purpose to find the most promising sets of people to suggest to an organisation, to build a high performance team with a complementary skill set.
Projee offers flexible project-centric staffing based on complementary skills matching, taking ethos, purpose, values and social impact into consideration, and recognising the flexible nature of work today. It offers a simpler way to find what you need when you need it. Projee is the only platform where Freelancers are available for social impact projects across the UK.
As an individual, nothing! There is no charge or commission to sign up, create a profile, search for projects, be promoted and get hired. For an organisation, you pay a flat monthly fee of £29.99 for access to the service, enabling you to define and post an unlimited number of projects and skills needed. Projee uses AI to match individuals with your project requirements to enable you to evaluate, interview and hire the best candidates. For each candidate hired, you pay just 3% commission to Projee. We use Stripe, and we accept all major payment cards including Paypal. Click here to learn more ( link to Pricing page/landing page)
Projee enables organisations to define a project in terms of goals, existing capabilities and additional skills needed, and enables individuals to define the kind of role they are looking for and skills and experience offered. Using AI, Projee finds optimal matches and makes it easy for organisations to review, interview and hire the ideal candidates.
Yes! Projee is totally free for charities.Charities and Social Enterprises can have freelancers on a voluntary basis and here will be considered the rewards that freelancers will get from the experience carried out in the project.
Follow these steps:1) Create your free account, 2) Post your project with all the details of the project including the skills sought 3) Indicates the duration of your project- short or long term.4)Wait, but not for long, while..Projee matches quickly the candidates using serverless architecture, AI cloud technology and NoSQL databases.