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five reasons to hire a freelancer

outsourcing for the social sector

Companies in all sectors are increasingly deciding to hire a freelancer or contractor to meet their business needs, rather than taking on full-time, in-house employees, recognising the many benefits that freelance workers can offer their business.

For those businesses and organisations operating in the charity and social sectors specifically, outsourcing project work can provide a huge boost to the business.

So why should small to medium charities and those working within the social sector consider hiring freelancers and contractors, rather than handling projects in house?

Here are 5 reasons to hire a freelancer:


Hiring freelancers and contractors for specific projects is an incredibly flexible approach. You can hire the skills you need, when you need them.

If, for example, you require a web developer for a specific project, hiring a freelancer will allow you to utilise their skills for the duration of the project, without needing to take them on permanently. 

Reduced costs

One of the main reasons companies in all sectors choose to outsource work to freelancers is that it is significantly more cost effective than hiring full-time employees.

While freelance hourly rates are typically higher than the equivalent salary, you will only pay for the time you need. For businesses operating within the charity or social sector, funds and resources are often limited. Hiring freelancers for specific projects means that organisations are only paying for services as and when they need them.

Not only this but, when businesses hire full-time employees, they are responsible for employee benefits, such as paid holiday and sick leave, pensions, etc. As freelancers are not classed as permanent staff, you won’t be required to provide any benefits above and beyond the agreed salary.

Access experts with specialist skills

Freelancers and contractors are highly skilled experts, many of whom have spent years perfecting their craft. This means that, when you hire a freelancer, you can access specialists with the skills and experience you need for your specific project.

Broaden the talent pool

Another benefit of hiring freelancers is that you will have access to a much broader pool of talent. Unlike hiring a permanent member of staff, depending on the project, you won’t usually be restricted in terms of geography and accessibility – you can find and hire the very best talent, wherever they are in the world.

And, with an increasing number of professionals quitting the 9 to 5 and going freelance, the talent pool is constantly growing.


Freelancers and contractors usually have strong networks of other freelancers in their field. This means if you find your project requires an additional skillset, they will know who to call upon for assistance and will be able to introduce you to new freelancers.

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